Always on your Radar

The AYASTO™ Pallet Tracking System allows you to track each pallet and efficiently manage your pallet inventory.





  • Unique RFID number for every member of the pallet
  • Complete visibility and control of the pallet inventory
  • All pallets tracked in one auditable system
  • RFID Tracking, transfer and return docket for easy and accurate data entry
  • Automated pallet account reconciliation, eliminating manual and tedious physical counts
  • Allows for setting up of unique pallet transfer rules, consolidation of multiple accounts into a single account and tracking balances of physical stock
  • Highlights key trends through the reporting system
  • Simple yet powerful user friendly interface

The AYASTO™ Steel Pallet Tracker can be installed on the client server or hosted on AYASTO™ server. ‘On demand’ technical support from the AYASTO™ team makes this an ideal solution for every customer.

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