A Modular Steel Pallet that provides unprecedented flexibility and cost savings!

An environment friendly innovation.

The AYASTO™ Steel Pallet is the most innovative product in supply chain management since the invention of the wooden pallet.




The modular architecture of AYASTO™ Pallets means that they can be framed according to the size of the products. This offers greater flexibility and customization.

Superior Load Bearing

The Ayasto Steel Pallet has much higher load bearing capacity than other pallets.


The AYASTO™ Steel Pallet can last upto 5 years

Safe and Sterile

The AYASTO™ Steel Pallet conforms to the codes and norms set by the National Fire Protection Association and The International Code Council.

Space Saver

Modular Pallet components allow more storage in a smaller space.

Budget Friendly

AYASTO™ offers a unique lease option for the use of its steel pallets.

The AYASTO™ Advantage

Characteristics Wooden Pallets Plastic Pallets Steel Pallets AYASTO™ Pallets
Environment Friendly
Cost Effective
Interchangable Sizes
Fire Retardant
Ease of Handling
Handles Dynamic Loads Upto 4 Tons
Space Saving
Sanitation / Hygiene
Multiple Trips


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